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Shreya Shah

Founder & Director InfiniteOP


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InfiniteOP, Nal Stop, Pune - 04

About the Founder...

Her story began at the age of 12, when she discovered an immense passion for badminton. With great enthusiasm, she played the sport and during a tournament, an exciting revelation unfolded - a natural flair for management emerged as she organized and coordinated events.


However, when the pandemic struck, like many other players, she had to halt her beloved sport due to the lockdown. It was during this time that she noticed the universal challenge faced by athletes whose careers were abruptly interrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Driven by the desire to bring about change in the sports industry and help players make a comeback, she embarked on a journey of studying sports management. This career path allowed her to blend her dreams and passions, offering a meaningful way to contribute positively to the sports world.

The Full Story - InfiniteOP

August 2022

August 2024

August 2026

Founded in August 2022, our sports management company emerged with a vision to excel in the realm of sports events management. With an unwavering passion for the world of sports, we quickly established ourselves as a reliable partner for organizing and executing sporting extravaganzas. However, our journey did not end there. Driven by our commitment to the development of athletes, we expanded our services to include comprehensive consultation for sports academies. Drawing on our vast expertise and industry connections, we now provide invaluable guidance and support to aspiring athletes, helping them navigate the intricate path towards success. Our holistic approach and unwavering dedication continue to propel us towards becoming a leading force in the world of sports management.

The founder and director of InfiniteOP, driven by a strong desire to gain firsthand experience of the pinnacle events in the sports industry, has set her sights on the upcoming Paris Olympics in 2024. Her determination to learn from such a grand event, sees the Paris Olympics in 2024 as a platform to expand her expertise and bring new insights back to the sports industry in India. By actively participating as a volunteer, she aims to observe the inner workings of one of the most prestigious sporting spectacles on the planet. Armed with her skills and knowledge, she plans to implement innovative strategies and contribute to the growth and development of the sports industry in India, inspiring future generations of athletes and sports enthusiasts. She aims to forge valuable connections that will further enhance InfiniteOP's capabilities in delivering exceptional sports management services.

InfiniteOP has set its sights on becoming a highly acclaimed brand in the sports industry. With a comprehensive approach, our plans encompass player management, team management, event organizing, and the establishment of our own private academies, training centers, rehabilitation facilities, and even equipment manufacturing. By offering a diverse range of services, we strive to become a trusted and influential presence, driving innovation and excellence in the world of sports.

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