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Anniversary Edition: An Interview with a Rising Star Cricketer, Advay Tapaswi.

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

In the realm of cricket, the emergence of young talent always sparks curiosity and excitement. On the occasion of #Anniversary Week of #InfiniteOP, our team had the incredible opportunity to sit down and have chat with a talented prospects in the Cricket - Advay Tapaswi. At just 18 years old, Advay has already made a name for himself with his exceptional skills as a fast bowler and is rapidly gaining recognition for his performance in London. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Advay's journey, his aspirations, and what it takes to shine on the cricketing stage.

From Society Cricket to the Big League In this section, Advay shares his early experiences playing cricket in his society and how his passion for the game grew. "It was 3rd Oct 2017 when I started playing cricket. My body was needing fitness, so I started with playing cricket in my society's cricket ground. As my interest grew, I decided to take professional coaching." He recounts the invaluable support he received from his family and mentors, which fuelled his determination to pursue a career in cricket.

Mastering the Craft As a fast bowler, Advay reveals how he honed his skills in bowling. He discusses spending hours trying to practice and achieve perfection in one simple action. As they say practice makes perfect! He refuses to relent until his skills have reached new heights. He has been particular about his performance & the desire to excel and make an impact on the game, drives him forward.

On-field Triumphs "In April 2018, I was suggested to go for the selections for a Tournament, which would take place in London. I was nervous during selection test, as there was an international opportunity which I did not want to loose out on. Fortunately I had a coach who completely believed in me and he was very supportive of me. I gave the trails in same nervousness. Finally in July, I received an official letter, stating that I'm selected and that I will be travelling to the UK. Initially me and my family, were very sceptical about me travelling so far. Back then I was just 13 years old. At such a young age, travelling to an other country without parents was another challenge for me as well as my parents. But I decided to face it and my parents supported me.The tournament started on 16th July and went on till 5th Aug. The Indian team emerged victorious, defeating all other teams. Travelling to UK and getting a chance to play with teams from Ireland, having a tour to place of different cultures, was an EXPERIENCE!"

Lessons from the Sport Advay opens up about sports playing an important role in building confidence and increasing self-esteem. "Sports play an important role in in controlling your body, the way you talk to people, present yourself. You have different confidence in you when you know that you're in a good position, good shape. Initially I felt I lacked confidence in public gathering, but when I started working on myself, I knew that I'm a better personality, which happened due to fitness in cricket."He Agrees, sports teaches us a lot and changes us in a positive way.

Balancing Cricket and Academics Being a young bowler with aspirations to excel academically, Advay discusses the art of balancing sports and studies. He emphasises the importance of time management and how it complements his cricketing journey. "I absolutely do not believe in studying 24/7. I used to give 2 hours daily for cricket, and I would not give up on that for anything. I believe after coming back from cricket, I would feel more refreshed & energised to get back to my work in more positive and optimistic way."His passion and the skill of time management, are the secret behind his success story.

A Glimpse into the Future In this section, Advay shares his ambitions for the future. He looks forward towards studying in IIM and at the same time, keep performing in the field of cricket. He looks forward towards being a part of the University Team. From representing his country to winning major tournaments, he gives us a glimpse of his dreams and the steps he's taking to turn his dream into reality.

Advay's Rule of Success "Don't Step Back! Even if you see how tough the competition is, the probability is very less, but 0.1% chance still exists, so look out for that 0.1% & Just go for it!"

Our interview with Advay Tapaswi has been a captivating journey through the life of a young, aspiring cricketer. His passion, dedication, and talent are a testament to the bright future that lies ahead for him.

[Author's Note: This interview blog serves to shed light on the experiences and dreams of a young cricketer, inspiring cricket enthusiasts and fans to support and celebrate the talents of budding players like Advay Tapaswi.]

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