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Anniversary Edition: Diving into Great Depths with International Diver, Aditya Giram

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Aditya Giram, an extraordinary international diver who has captivated audiences with his remarkable performances on the world stage. With numerous accolades to his name, Aditya's journey in diving is an inspiration to many aspiring athletes. Today, we sit down with him to delve into his diving career, training routines, experiences in international competitions, and his insights into the sport.

Q1: Aditya, could you share your diving journey with us? How did you get started in diving, and what motivated you to pursue it professionally?

Aditya: Thank you for having me. My journey in diving began when I was just two and a half years old. My parents took me to a local pool, and I instantly fell in love with the feeling of flying through the air and plunging into the water. From that moment, I knew I wanted to pursue diving professionally and compete at the highest level. I was Fortunate enough to have a good coach who inculcated the love for this sport deeper in me and helped me excel in it.

Q2: You've competed on various international stages. Which competitions stand out as the most memorable for you, and why?

Aditya: One of the most memorable competitions for me was the 2009 6th Asian Age Group Championship in Tokyo. It was a dream come true to represent my country on such a prestigious platform. The energy of the crowd and the camaraderie among the athletes created an unforgettable experience. The exposure, the talent, was exceptional. That competition made me realise there is so much in me which I still have to unravel and master.

Q3: Diving requires intense training and preparation. Can you walk us through your typical training regimen and how you maintain peak performance?

Aditya: Training is the backbone of my success. I train 5 days a week, spending hours refining my technique and working on new dives. Strength and conditioning exercises are equally crucial to stay physically fit and prevent injuries. My day starts at 6:00am. From 7:00-9:00am I have a gym session, from 10:30-12:00 I work on new dives, practicing them. In the evening I have another session, to stay in touch with my basic techniques and fundamentals. I also prioritise mental training to stay focused and confident during competitions.

Q4: What diving techniques and specialties do you enjoy the most, and how do you continually work to improve in these areas?

Aditya: Platform diving has always been my favorite discipline. There's an exhilarating thrill that comes from diving from the highest platform. To improve, I seek guidance from my coaches to incorporate new elements into my dives. Diving is a sport where you're judged at micro levels on Take off, Execution and Entry. To maintain the grace of all these elements, there is different training styles for each element. To train for these, there's a special pit with sponge cubes, where I practice my dives.

Q5: What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in your diving career, and how did you overcome them?

Aditya: I had a great coach. He was always there to support & guide me. There was a time when I had to be at competitions without my coach. Having your coach with you is a big mental support. As he was not there with me I couldn't perform well in my competitions. Support from my family played a crucial role in helping me stay positive and motivated during those challenging times.

Q6: As an international diver, you have a unique platform. How do you use your influence to promote diving and inspire the next generation of divers?

Aditya: I believe in giving back to the sport that has given me so much. I, with the support of my family, have started clubs where we can scout young talent and train them to the international level. We try to provide them exposure so that they won't face the challenges, I had to face. We conduct diving workshops, and encourage young athletes to follow their dreams. I want to inspire them to pursue their passions with dedication and determination.

Q7: Looking into the future, what are your goals and aspirations in diving, and are there any specific competitions you dream of participating in?

Aditya: The Olympics will always be a dream. I'm also eager to compete in more World Championships and continue representing my country proudly. Ultimately, I hope to leave a lasting impact on the sport and inspire the next generation of divers.

Q8: Could you share some advice and tips for young divers who aspire to compete at the international level?

Aditya: Believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams. It's not just about diving, it is about what carry in you. The positive energy with handwork is what gets you result. Give your 100% and surround yourself with a supportive team, including coaches, family, and friends, who will lift you up during both victories and setbacks. Stay dedicated to your training and remember that hard work and perseverance pay off.

Q9: Finally, what message would you like to send to your fans and supporters around the world?

Aditya: To all my fans and supporters, thank you for being part of this incredible journey with me. Your encouragement and belief in me have been instrumental in my success. Keep dreaming big and pursuing your passions relentlessly.

As we bid farewell to this interview, we are reminded of the impact sports can have on individuals and communities. Aditya's dedication to promoting diving and inspiring the next generation showcases the true spirit of a champion. We have no doubt that he will continue to make waves in the diving world and leave a lasting legacy for years to come.

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