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Anniversary Edition: Interview with Badminton Sensation, Tara Shah

Badminton, a sport known for its swift movements and intense rallies, has produced many remarkable athletes, and Tara Shah stands out as one of its brightest stars. In this exclusive interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Tara, a prodigious badminton player whose prowess on the court has left spectators in awe. We thank PDMBA (Poona District Metropolitan Badminton Association) for helping us arranging this exclusive interview. Join us as we unravel the journey of this rising sensation and gain insights into her dedication, triumphs, and aspirations.

A Racquet in Hand, Dreams Take Flight Tara takes us back to her childhood, where her love for badminton was ignited. She shares the story of her early encounters with the sport, as a 5 year old. "My mom enrolled me and my sister for a coaching class which was nearby, as she wanted us to be active and play some sport. But it was not so serious training initially, me and my sister would spend time playing hide & seek or catch & go. Soon I started gaining interest in the sport and enjoyed playing it. That is how my journey started." It was the support of her family, and the determination that led her to pursue badminton at a competitive level.

The Thrill of Victory Achievements are always close to the hearts of players. Tara's most memorable victory is the Silver Medal she bagged at the Sub Junior Asian Championship. "It was a big achievement for me. It gave validation to all the hard work I put in since I was a kid."

Facing Off Against Adversity Winning and losing is a part of sport & every athlete encounters it, and Tara's journey was no exception. Let us see how she copes up with it. "When I was younger, it was very difficult to cope up. It can be that at one point you're the next big thing but then you perform upto expectations, or you perform way better than expectations. So it's quite up & down but its about looking at it in terms of the big picture, staying consistent year after year is what helps me."

Lessons to Success "Badminton has taught me many things, one of the main lessons is accepting uncertainty, in sports and even in life. Badminton taught me that life is about ups & downs. One day you might be on top, winning the next day you're hitting the bottom and not doing so well. You just have to go through it with the bigger picture in mind, while not taking tough times too much to the heart. You have to trust yourself, believe in yourself and keep going."

Striking a Balance As a professional athlete, Tara has had to strike a balance between her sporting ambitions and academic life. She shares insights into how she manages her time and handles the pressure of competition, studies, and other aspects of life. "My school, was very supportive towards me. The teachers were always open to guide me. They let me retake exams, support me through allowances of completing assignments at home. I had some really good friends in school. My study buddies made school & academics extremely easy for me."

An Inspiring Message "As long as you enjoy what you're doing, things are easier to do more and better. Just enjoy what you're doing, enjoy the process and don't let anyone force you to do something. Passion makes tasks easier."

Beyond the Court Tara reveals her aspirations for the future, both in the sport and beyond. She talks about her ambitions to keep going. She Looks forward to working towards her goals and she is certain she would be be able to play at the highest level in the sport. Tara will be seen playing in the Junior National Championship in beginning of September and World Junior Championship towards end of September. Tara is very excited about her future encounters and looks forward, especially towards World Junior Championship to be held in the USA.

Tara Shah's journey in badminton serves as a testament to the power of determination, passion, and perseverance. Her dedication to her craft and unwavering spirit have taken her from local courts to international arenas, making her an inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide. As Tara continues to soar in shuttlecocks, we eagerly await her next triumphs and the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on the world of badminton.

[Author's Note: This interview blog aims to celebrate the achievements and the journey of Tara Shah, offering readers an intimate look into the life of a talented badminton player who is making waves in the sport.]

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