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Anniversary Edition: Beyond Borders with Football Star, Rohit Mulchandani.

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Rohit Mulchandani, a rising star in the world of football and a proud representative of Minerva Punjab at the Futsal National Championship. With a passion for the sport and remarkable achievements under his belt, Rohit Mulchandani has captured the hearts of fans nationwide. Today, we sit down with him to delve into his football journey, proudest moments, mental resilience, training approach, fan support, and aspirations for the future.

Q1 First of all, congratulations on winning the futsal national championship! Can you take us back to the moment when you realized that your team had clinched the victory? How did you feel at that moment?

Rohit: The moment the final whistle is blown and you know that you're on the winning side, you realise that all the hardworking, struggle, training, gym sessions, are worth it. It was one of the best feelings for me and my team.

Q2 Winning a national championship is no small feat. What do you think were the key factors that contributed to your team's success in the tournament?

Rohit: I think the key factors were the consistency in the training and our major attention towards the small mistakes which can cause big losses during the crucial matches. We were taking smallest aspects very seriously which helped us in winning the tournament.

Q3 How does it feel to represent your country at the national level and wear the national team jersey?

Rohit: I haven't got the chance to wear the national jersey till now but I'm looking forward to wearing one in Asia Futsal Championship in November, so I'll let you know then, ha ha!

Q4 Can you share one of your proudest moments as a national football player so far?

Rohit: The proudest moments for me is when your parents watch your matches live, they follow the updates and you win that particular tournament. They are very proud of you and show off your victories. That is probably the proudest moment for me.

Q5 Football careers come with challenges. How do you stay mentally focused and motivated during difficult times?

Rohit: There are many ups & downs for footballers, like injuries, loosing an important match, facing criticism from fans and many more. For me what keeps me motivated is my principle of coming back stronger and not giving up.

Q6 What aspects of your game have you worked on the most to reach the this level, and how do you continue to improve?

Rohit: I have worked on myself through playing football consistently. Travelling 50 kms every week. For me fitness is the most important part of the game. I strive to keep myself fit enough so that I'm ready everyday to face any match and win.

Q7 How has the support from fans and the passionate football community impacted your journey as a national player?

Rohit: The support from the fans is very important. It keeps you motivated and positive. After winning a particular tournament when fans post you on social media, the craze fans have for signed jerseys, and well wishes you get keeps you motivated a lot. It helps you a lot in growth.

Q8 What advice would you give to young aspiring footballers who dream of representing their country in the future?

Rohit: My advice would be, work hard. Believe in yourself as there are many opportunities that will come in your life, so for those opportunities you have to be ready always. Stay focused and success will be yours.

Q9 Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations as a national football player, both for your personal growth and the success of the national team?

Rohit: My personal goal is to play for India and wear the Indian jersey. For my team I want all my team players to as well be a part of the Indian team at least once.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rohit for sharing insights into his remarkable journey as a national football star. His dedication, resilience, and passion for the sport have undoubtedly made him an inspiration for football enthusiasts worldwide. We wish Rohit all the best for his future endeavours on the field and beyond, as he continues to soar "Beyond Borders" in the world of football.

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